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Licensed by Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools (OBPVS), accredited by the Oklahoma State Accrediting Agency (ASAA) and proud members of the American Welding Society (AWS).

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Welding Programs

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considering Four M 

Welding School, 

specialized training for the welding industry.

No more than 15 students per instructor!                We Now Have Night Classes!

Graduate Advance Programs in just 4 months!

95% job hire success rate!

Make your dream a reality. 

When seeking a welding education, you should take three important steps...

Tour the schools, talk to current students, and research the graduation rate/placement percentages/starting pay rates.

Talk to past welding school graduates for training recommendations.

Talk to employers in the welding industry and ask which schools they recommend for welding education and training.

We invite you to talk to our current and past graduates as well as the many companies in the field who have hired and experienced the type of welders Four M provides the industry. Our graduate are proud to call us their school, and companies are proud to hire our graduates!