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Placement Services

 We have a large number of companies from around the country who demand Four M students.​

...we don’t preach about our placement records - we prove them! 

Placement assistance is an ongoing process and begins long before graduation. On the very first day of school, we try to determine if a student would enjoy working in a fabrication shop or construction field employment.  However, if not certain, that can be determined at a later date as the student progresses.  Both our shop and field courses begin the same, allowing time for the student to decide what directions he/she may want to choose for a welding career.

We help with resume assistance and what questions to ask before an interview.  What happens in a “job interview?”  Students are given “brush up” time if needed to pass an employer’s  welding test.  The school subscribes to a national job locator magazine. Job referrals often come from our graduates and employers who have used our students time and time again.  Every effort is made to assist our students in finding gainful employment.

And just because you have graduated and moved up to a better life, we don't forget about you. As a Four M Welding School graduate, you are welcome to keep in touch with us as we will gladly provide recommendations to help you find a place in the industry. 

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