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Thank you for considering Four M Vocational School, specialized training for the welding industry.

Unlike other larger welding schools, our school is administrated by one of the most experienced welders in the business...Gene Norwood. Beginning his career at age 20, he spent more than 18 years in refineries, pipeline, and industrial fields. Being on job sites for so long, he quickly realized that well-trained welders were far and few between. It was very apparent that the industry would begin to lack quality welders.

 At this point it became very clear that we could train students, who at graduation are skilled, dependable and have a positive attitude, the welder and the employer would benefit.  By making educated welders available, we now have an extensive list of companies waiting for our next graduating class. The credibility that Gene Norwood brings to the school, along with guaranteed and proven training methods, will make your future successful and prosperous!

Out of these thoughts, Four M, which stands for MASTER MANIPULATORS OF MOLTEN METAL was established. Success has been the result of maintaining this philosophy.

We invite you to talk to our current and past graduates as well as the many companies in the field who have hired and experienced the type of welders Four M provides the industry. Our graduate are proud to call us their school, and companies are proud to hire our graduates!

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